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Lead Us Today, through its dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial training
program is empowering that 96% of Zimbabwean young people with
critical skills that will enable them to thrive in the Zimbabwean economy.
Our model is designed in such a way that enables learners to learn at their
own pace and during their time of convenience, as a result, this increases
their chances of understanding the key concepts explained in the training.
In addition, our model affords students an opportunity to impact the
knowledge to their peers and the community members in general. Situating
students and young people in the fore front of developmental efforts
does not only boost their confidence but pushes them to be creative and
innovative in coming up with solutions to some of the world’s challenges.
Our students are taught very key subjects like problem identification, social
innovation, project proposals writing, project implementation, budgeting and
costing, financial management, Leadership (Peace and Conflict Resolution)
and Monitoring and evaluation. They are then given the task of imparting
those pertinent but scarce skills to their peers and the community at large.
We have PowerPoint presentations for people who would love a summarized
version of the training. We also have learning guides both soft and hard copies.
Aware of the advantages that come with the fast-growing digital world,
we have adapted our training, making it available in different formats to
suite and fit almost everyone. We have audio versions that allows people
to listen to the training on the go, whilst working or doing their chores